We help active adults END their Pain and Stiffness, improve their Strength, Mobility and Activity, and to RISE UP to their FULLEST POTENTIAL!

...without pain pills, injections, or surgeries

The company is named after the mythical "Phoenix" because it captures the vision of "rising again from injury, disability, pain and discomfort and being renewed and restored to a life of activity and joy.


Our passion is helping you return to the things you love to do by providing you with specialized one-on-one treatment at the highest level.  Our purposeful time together is dedicated to meeting your needs and accomplishing your goals.

At Phoenix Osteopractic Physical Therapy, we work for you and not your insurance company.  Insurance providers often create barriers and place limitations on the types and extent of services we can provide. We refuse to be hindered by those artificial limits and free ourselves to provide you with the most effective evidence-based and cutting-edge treatments available.


Have you been told to simply take some pain medication or rest? Have you been handed a sheet of simple exercises you could have Googled, and told “come back in 2 weeks if you’re not feeling better?” Or have you been subjected to painful injections or invasive surgery, and find that you still have painful limitations in your daily function and enjoyment of life?


There is a better way than subjecting yourself to failed treatments, wasting your valuable time and money.  We help our patients avoid invasive surgery, painful injections, and addictive medications.  You personalized treatment will begin with a one-on-one consultation where a thorough examination will allow us to identify the root cause of your problem. Once identified, a specific program will be tailored to accomplish your needs and goals.  Whether it be golf, yoga, running, Pilates, working out, playing sports, staying active or just enjoying your kids or grandkids. . .whatever your specific goals may include, Phoenix Osteopractic Physical Therapy will design a program just for you and your lifestyle!

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