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Post Concussion Management

Complete cognitive and physical rest are key components in the initial management of concussion. After concussion symptoms resolve, postural stability testing should be performed to ensure complete recovery. Concussion should be managed based on the individual patient, with a graded return-to-play protocol.

Each concussion in each person is somewhat unique and so is their recovery timetable. In general though, most concussion symptoms resolve within 14 to 21 days. However, undiagnosed, unrecognized or poorly treated concussions can delay your recovery – increasing it from the typical two weeks to months or even longer.

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It’s important to know that recovery plans need to be individualized for each person.  You need physical and mental rest to recover from a concussion. Although you’ll need more rest and sleep than normal, you don’t need 100% complete rest. In fact, research has shown that too much mental rest can actually lengthen the recovery period and make you more sensitive to activities when you return to them.

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