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Signs You Are Dehydrated

Drinking water each day is crucial to your overall health, but many of us struggle with knowing how much is enough and whether we are getting as much as we need. Not having enough water in your system can complicate existing illnesses as well as placing you at risk for other complications such as heat-stroke, seizures, and low blood pressure. Below are some tips to help identify if your body is suffering from dehydration.

You Are Tired

Do you find yourself struggling to stay awake throughout the day? Fatigue is the top indicator that you are suffering from dehydration.

You Are Irritable

If you find yourself snapping at your coworkers or family, it may be time to get a drink of water. Studies have found that even mild dehydration makes you cranky and irritable. According to two studies conducted at the University of Connecticut, mild dehydration (only 1.5 percent fluid loss) caused negative mood changes even at rest, showing that no matter your activity level – you need to hydrate.

You Suffer from Headaches

While headaches can be caused by a variety of factors, dehydration is a common one. Researchers found that mildly dehydrated people were more likely to suffer from headaches. Drinking more water in a study led to a statistically significant improvement in headaches.

You Have Difficulty Concentrating

If your ability to focus on your daily tasks begins declining, it could be the result of dehydration. Dehydration has a direct effect on your cognitive function and make it more difficult to concentrate. Researchers found that students scored lower on tests when they were dehydrated.

Your Urine is Dark Yellow

Many doctors advise you should watch for this symptom above all others as it is thought to be the most reliable marker of dehydration. When you’re dehydrated your kidneys conserve more water and excrete a more concentrated urine. A very pale yellow color indicates that you are getting enough fluid.

You Have Dry Skin

Your skin pulls water from inside your body just like the rest of your organs. If you’re not drinking enough it can lead to dry or flushed skin. Maintain your best youthful look by drinking enough throughout the day.

Your Muscles Are Cramping

Muscle cramps are yet another very reliable indicator of dehydration. While cramps may occur as the result of other factors, if you experience them while exercising it is a good sign that you are not drinking enough. Remember when you are outdoors you need more water, so be sure to drink plenty.

Follow the tips above to ensure you are staying hydrated and if you are interested in crafting a workout plan suited to your own lifestyle, fitness and pain levels, and goals you can do so with a Physical Therapist. Phoenix Osteopractic Physical Therapy is ready to help you, contact us at (972) 232-2310 or visit today!

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